Famous Bible Verses in Exodus

Inspired the movie the "Ten Commandments"

The "ten commandments" movie was inspired by the famous bible verses found in the book of Exodus. However, the movie was based on a true story. To get accurate details it is good to read the story from the bible.

Exodus begins with the Israelites oppressed in Egypt. Joseph had died and Egypt had a new king who did not know Joseph. The new king thought the Israelites were a threat to the Egyptians because the Israelites kept having more and more children. Exodus 1:6-14

The king decided to kill off the male babies to stop the Israelites from multiplying. The famous story about the birth of Moses happened during the time the king of Egypt was killing all the male babies. Exodus 1:15 - 2:10

The first forty years of the life of Moses in Egypt continues after he was nursed by his mother, with him being bought up by pharaoh's daughter, and taught the ways of the Egyptians.

Moses married his wife Zipporah after he fled to Midian.

Later when Moses was eighty, God spoke to Moses at the burning bush on Mt Horeb . And because Moses said he was slow of speech God permitted his brother Aaron to speak for him.

When Moses and Aaron tried to persuade Pharaoh to let the Ancient Israelites go he refused, so God sent 10 plagues to make Pharaoh change his mind. The journey out of Egypt begins right after the 10th plague, and the first Passover, when all the first born in Egypt were killed. Exodus 12:30-51

After Pharaoh let the Israelites go he changed his mind again and chased after them. The Israelites were trapped between the Red sea and Pharaoh's army. God performed a miracle making it appear that Moses parts the Red sea. Then Israelites crossed the Red sea on dry ground.

While wandering forty years in the wilderness God provided manna bread for the Israelites to eat.

During the forty years in the wilderness, when Moses was up on Mt. Sinai with God for 40 days, God also gave Moses the "ten commandments" and the pattern for the earthly tabernacle or sanctuary.

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If you read the other stories in Exodus you would know that Moses is the Exodus hero, if not click here for a quick recap.

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