Noah And The Ark
Interactive and Printable
 Bible Trivia Questions

This Bible trivia questions page on Noah and the Ark includes both interactive and printable Bible trivia questions from the KJV Bible.

These trivia questions are a fun way to teach or learn about a time in earth's history when God said enough is enough.

Read the Bible verse on Noah's Ark if you need to brush up on your knowledge or in your own KJV Bible.  The questions are taken from Genesis 5:32 to 9:17.

Noah And The Ark
Interactive Bible Trivia Questions

10 interactive Bible trivia Questions for you to test your knowledge.

1. How many hundreds of years old was Noah when he had his sons?

2. What was Noah’s father name?

3. What were the names of Noah’s sons?

4. What was Noah found to be in his generations?

5. God decided to destroy all flesh because the earth was filled with what?

6. What type of wood was the Ark made of?

7. How many stories did the ark have?

8. What kinds of animals did God tell Noah to take into the Ark?

9. What type of flesh would the flood waters destroy?

10. Who shut the door of the Ark?

Show me the answers!

Question 1: 500 Answer 3.

Question 2: Lamech Answer 4.

Question 3: Shem, Ham, and Japheth Answer 3.

Question 4: just and perfect Answer2.

Question 5: violence Answer 1.

Question 6: gopher Answer 1.

Question 7: three Answer 2.

Question 8: beast, cattle, creeping thing, fowl, bird Answer 3.

Question 9: All those who had the breath of life Answer 3.

Question 10: the Lord Answer 4.

You answered them all right!

Noah And The Ark
Printable Bible Trivia Questions

This is the printable version of the Noah and the Ark Bible Trivia contains 16 questions.

Print the Noah and the Ark Bible Triva Questions and Answers.

Printable Questions

1. Who told Noah to build an Ark?
a. God b. Samuel c. Jacob d. Adam

2. Noah was told the earth would be destroyed because it was corrupt and fill with what?
a. Snakes b. Violence c. Dinosaurs d. Pollution

3. What type of wood was the Ark made of?
a. Birch b. Oak c. Cedar d. Gopher

4. How many stories or floors did the Ark have?
a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5

5. Noah took male and female animals into the Ark. How many pairs of male and female clean animals did he take into the Ark?
a. 2 b. 5 c. 7 d. 9

6. How did the animals go into the Ark?
a. 1 and 1 b. 2 and 2 c. 3 and 3 d. 7 and 7

7. Once Noah and his family went into the Ark, how long was it before the flood started:
a. 1 day b. 3 days c. 7 days d. 14 days

8. How long did the flood last?
a. 7 days b. 10 days c. 25 days d. 40 days

9. How long did the water cover the earth before the water started to go down?
a. 40 days b. 100 days c. 150 days d. 200 days

10. What was the first type of bird Noah sent out of the Ark?
a. Dove b. Raven c. Sparrow d. Owl

11. Noah sent out a 2nd bird because the first one didn't come back. What type of bird did Noah send out the 2nd time?
a. Dove b. Raven c. Sparrow d. Hawk

12. What did the 2nd bird that Noah sent out bring back in its mouth?
a. A fish b. A seed c. An olive leaf d. A fig

13. What mountain did the Ark come to rest on as the water receded?
a. Mt. Zion b. Horeb c. Moriah d. Ararat

14. How old was Noah when the flood started?
a. 50 b. 100 c. 300 d. 600

15. God told Noah he would never destroy the earth again with a flood. What is the sign of this promise?
a. A flower b. Rainbow c. Fire d. Yellow Ribbon

16. How many people were saved in the Ark?
a. 8 b. 50 c. 200 d. 1000

Print the Noah and the Ark Bible Triva Questions and Answers.

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