The Story Of Creation

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The Story Of Creation: Test your knowledge with these 10 free bible trivia questions on the 7 days of creation.

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The Story of Creation
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1. What are the first 2 things the bible says God created?

2. What was it that moved upon the face of the waters?

3. God called the light day or morning, and darkness night or evening. What day of creation did God divide the light from the darkness to make the evening and the morning?

4. God made a firmament and divided the waters. What did God call the firmament?

5. On what day did God make grass and fruit trees?

6. What did God make to be for signs, seasons, days, and years?

7. On what day did God make birds that fly and sea creatures?

8. What created being had dominion over the fish of the sea?

9. God created man in whose image?

10. What did God do to the 7th day?

Show me the answers!

Question 1: heaven & earth Answer 2.

Question 2: spirit of God Answer 1.

Question 3: 1st day Answer 1.

Question 4: heaven Answer3.

Question 5: 3rd Answer 2.

Question 6: lights Answer 2.

Question 7: 5th Answer 2.

Question 8: man Answer 3.

Question 9: God’s Answer 1.

Question 10: blessed & sanctified it Answer 2.

You answered them all right!

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The Story of Creation

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