David and Bathsheba
Bible Trivia Questions
Online and Printable

David and Bathsheba

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These David and Bathsheba Bible Trivia questions are free.  They are online and printable.   Test your knowledge.

This story of David and Bathsheba maybe found in 2 Samuel 11:1 to 12:25

David and Bathsheba
Bible Trivia Questions

1. What time of day was it when David saw Bathsheba?

2. Where was David standing when he saw Bathsheba?

3. What was Bathsheba doing when David saw her?

4. What was the name of Bathsheba’s husband?

5. After Bathsheba became pregnant, who did David ask to send Bathsheba’s husband back from the battle?

6. When Bathsheba’s husband came back from the battle, David sent him to his house. Where did Uriah sleep? ?

7. What did David do to Bathsheba’s husband to try and encourage him to go to his house?

8. When Bathsheba’s husband didn’t go home, David sent him back to the battle with something for Joab. What did he give to Joab?

9. What happened to Uriah?

10. After David married Bathsheba who did God send to rebuke David?

Show me the answers!

Question 1: Evening Answer 1.

Question 2: On his roof Answer 3.

Question 3: washing herself Answer 3.

Question 4: Uriah Answer 2.

Question 5: Joab Answer 2.

Question 6: At the door of the King’s house Answer 4.

Question 7: made him drunk Answer 4.

Question 8: a letter Answer 1.

Question 9: he died Answer 2.

Question 10: Nathan Answer 4.

You answered them all right!

David and Bathsheba
Bible Trivia Questions

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