Daniel in the Lion’s Den
Bible Trivia Questions
Online and Printable

Daniel in the lion's den

Artist: John Paul Stanley / YoPlace.com

Free Bible Trivia Questions about Daniel in the lion's den that are online, and printable.  

The questions are taken from Daniel 6:1-18

Read the story of Daniel and the lion's den.

Bible Trivia Questions
Daniel in the Lion's Den

1. What position did Daniel have in Babylon?

2. Why couldn't the princes and presidents find fault with Daniel?

3. What was the name of the King of Babylon at the time of this story?

4. What was established so they could find fault with Daniel?

5. What was to happen to anyone who asked a petition of any God or man accept the king for 30 days?

6. What did Daniel continue to do 3 times a day? ?

7. What did king Darius try to do for Daniel when he realized he had been tricked?

8. What was placed over the mouth of the lion's den?

9. What was the king doing while Daniel was in the lion's den?

10. What did God do to the lion's while Daniel was in the lion's den?

Show me the answers!

Question 1: 1st president Answer 3.

Question 2: he was faithful Answer 2.

Question 3: Darius Answer 4.

Question 4: a royal statute / firm decree Answer2.

Question 5: cast into the den of lions Answer 4.

Question 6: kneel and pray Answer 1.

Question 7: he tried to deliver Daniel Answer 1.

Question 8: a stone Answer 3.

Question 9: fasting Answer 3.

Question 10: shut their mouths Answer 2.

You answered them all right!

Bible Trivia Questions
Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel In The Lion's den , the Answers , and the Bible Verses

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