Bible Word Search Puzzle
David And Bathsheba
Online and Printable

David and Bathsheba

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An online and printable Bible word search puzzle David and Bathsheba.  The printable version has a hidden message, taken from 2 Samuel chapter 11, KJV

Bible Word Search Puzzle
David and Bathsheba

Online Solution..

Bible Word Search Puzzle
David and Bathsheba

Click on the below links for the printable Bible Word Search Puzzle and Solution with a hidden message.

Click here for the printable bible word search puzzle ‘David and Bathsheba’.

Click here for the ‘David and Bathsheba ‘ solution.

Find the words in the grid. Words can go across, down and in three diagonals.

When you are done, the unused letters in the grid will spell out a hidden message. Pick them out from left to right, top line to bottom line. 

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