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Bible verses about faith that the patriarchs had are listed in Hebrews 11.

These stories help to strengthen our faith, especially when we go through hard times. We can read how they were faithful and eventually received the blessings God had promised them.

Most of these stories are found in Genesis, Exodus, and other Old Testament books, and some are famous and well known because movies have been made about them.

Bible verses for strength let us know God is our help in trouble. They give us strength to make it through times when we need courage and think there are things we cannot do, like stand up in front of people and speak, or lead out in a program, or just get up out of bed and make it through the day.

Bible verses on forgiveness let us know that our sins are forgiven because Jesus Christ died on the cross and paid the penalty for our sins. They let us know that if we want God to forgive us we must forgive others of their sins. We are also told we have to forgive others if we want our prayers to be heard.

Bible verses about marriage let us know that marriage is a serious commitment. That is why wedding vows included "till death do us part". It is not to be taken lightly. They let us know how to be loving and keep each other from committing adultery.

Many are sick and discouraged. Reading Bible verses for healing can encourage us, and there are also bible stories about healing and miracle prayers that we can read. For what God has done for others he can surely do for us, if we are willing to pray and do His will.

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