Bible Prophecy End Times

Bible Prophecy End Times:-

How Near Is The End , by David Asscherick

In this Bible video David Asscherick discusses the following -

  • That something is about to happen
  • How the Bible has the answers to what is about to happen
  • What the evidence points to
  • The 9 clues to the coming instability, by Eugene Linden
  • Why Dr. Steven Hawking, Astrophysicist, thinks we are living in strange and unusual times, and his concerns about this earth
  • That 1 of every 25 verses in the NT are related to the second coming
  • What you should be watching for
  • Jesus answer to the disciples question about end time events
  • What is visible, progressive, and climatic
  • Some false christs and false prophets
  • The type of society we live in

The Great Controversy Between Christ And satan - a historical and prophetic book, which provides an interesting history of Christianity and a study of end time events. 3 versions are available below, including the illustrated and Kindle versions. Get a version today and be prepared for Christ's second coming...

Bible Prophecy End Times:

How Near Is the end , by Mark Finley

In this Bible video Mark Finley discusses the following -

  • The signs of the end
  • What the book of Revelation points to
  • What there is an explosion of..
  • What are the signs in nature
  • The number of countries that have a food shortage..
  • The increase in pestilences
  • The increase in earthquakes
  • Where we can find security
  • Lack of spiritual values

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Recommended Reading

The following books titled 'Daniel and Revelation' are an in-depth study of the prophecies found in the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation. It gives detailed explanations that align scripture with history and proves Bible prophecy to be true.

They are available in paperback, hardcover, and kindle versions.

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