15 Easy Bible Trivia Questions

A Printable Bible Quiz

These 15 easy bible trivia questions and answers are printable.

They are great for kids or for people just beginning to learn about the bible. The questions are based on well known people, places, and events in both the Old and New Testaments. Use it as a fun way to teach or test knowledge.

Feel free to contact me to let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on this game.

15 Easy Bible Trivia Questions

1. Who killed Adam and Eve's son Abel?
a. Cain b. Seth c. Enoch d. Matthew

2. Who did God tell to build an Ark?
a. Moses b. Aaron c. Noah d. Levi

3. On what mountain did the ark rest on when the waters went down?
a. Nebo b. Ararat c. Calvary d. Horeb

4. Who killed Goliath with one smooth stone?
a. Daniel b. Solomon c. Jonathan d. David

5. For which of his son's did Jacob make a coat of many colors?
a. Joseph b. Benjamin c. Judah d. Dan

6. What was the name of Hannah's son that she prayed for and then gave to the Lord to work in the temple with Eli the priest?
a. Reuben b. Samuel c. Saul d. Peter

7. What was the name of the leper that Elisha the prophet told to dip seven times in the Jordan river, and his flesh would be clean?
a. Naaman b. Barak c. Jared d. Issachar

8.Who did the king of Babylon throw into the lion's den, because he prayed to his God 3 times a day?
a. David b. Tamar c. Joshua d. Daniel

9. Who did Nebchadnezzar throw into the fiery furnace, because they would not bow down to his golden image?
a. Shadrach, Abednego, Daniel
b. Shadrach, Daniel, Meshach
c. Daniel, Meshach, Abednego
d. Abednego, Meshach, Shadrach

10. Who was the first King of Israel?
a. David b. Jonathan c. Samuel d. Saul

11. In what place was Jesus born?
a. Bethlehem b. Nazareth c. Jericho d. Jerusalem

12. What was the name of the man who baptized Jesus in the Jordan river?
a. Judas b. John the Revelator c. John the Baptist d. James

13. When Jesus was baptized the Holy Spirit descended upon him like which bird?
a. Sparrow b. Dove c. Hawk d. Pigeon

14. The great multitude where fed with how many loaves of bread and how many fish?
a. 5 loaves 2 fish b. 7 loaves 3 fish c. 2 loaves 7 fish d. 5 loaves 7 fish

15. Who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver?
a. Peter b. Cain c. Andrew d. Judas

15 Easy Bible Trivia Questions -
A Printable Bible Quiz
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